Sunday, July 29, 2007


about 5 years ago, i was at the filene's basement on north michigan avenue with my college best friend, and i found myself stuck. no, i was not trying to decide between purchases, i was actually and physically trapped inside a gianfranco ferre couture gown made of a stiff polyester seafoam weave complete with wire straps which defied gravity in a way that would make tara reid jealous.

what had begun with a fun little "let's just see how it looks on, i have a model body, right-- it might be cool" shopping experiment then found me, feet-cemented-to-the floor-arms-locked-as-though-i-were-about-to-be-secured-to-a-spinal-injury-
backboard as my best friend anchored herself against the wall and yanked that seagreen polyester from my half naked torso until her body literally torpedoed backwards and she landed, shirtless on the dressing room floor, bewildered and completely breathless.

there are a thousand reasons i miss tricia, but our shopping extravaganzas are a big one. you see, tricia and i have the same shopping style. if you like to shop then you surely know that not every girl has a shopping style, technique, if you will. and shopping with a girlfriend isn't just an easy, run-of-the-mill activity. girls have to make sure they mesh, have similar browsing patterns, before they make a commitment like shopping together. sort of like marriage compatibility... except... not.

anyway, now that tricia is all grown up and responsible and living in denver with a fucking fantastic job and apartment and life, i have no one with whom to share my seafoam polyester gown shopping trips. but it's not just polyester seafoam i'm talking about. it's my fashion superiority in general. for example, did you know that there are basically two times of year in which to find the best sales on designer and boutique pieces? i bet you didn't. well there are. late july, and early january.

i have no official source to support this theory. however, i do submit the following:

  1. rich caramel-colored buttery calfskin pants from michael kors collection (that's COLLECTION, not 'kors by' or his other inferior lines). retail $800. i paid: $73.
  2. strapless jersey corset dress by prada (say it again with my now "COLLECTION," not 'prada sport' or those other sheep lines). retail $600. i paid: $49.
  3. mandalay grecian dress. yes, THE mandalay dress. retail $1025. i paid $65.

are you convinced? good. now. i'm almost getting to a point here so stick with me and you won't be sorry. occasionally, during these biannual shopping trips, i find a piece so fantastically wonderfully cute that i would pay full price for it. however, this proverbial piece is not full price and in fact it's not even "on sale." it's... ready? on clearance.

today, ladies, i have found that piece. it's 80% off and made by a truly classy designer. not only that, but this designer has a cult following. seriously. nanette's followers rarely let anything she makes go on sale, let alone clearance. it's a fantastic little strapless bustier top from Nanette Lepore. all of these factors make me look at this top, wistfully, and think... SOMEONE needs to buy it. i feel like it's a little baby bird, alone and cold in the wind and someone needs to come and snatch it up. YOU are that person, reader. YOU need to grab the bustier. GET THE BUSTIER, reader, RESCUE THE BUSTIER!

because of the javascript, i cannot insert the link directly here. so do this: go here: then go to the bottom of the page and click on the little brown tab which says "what's on sale." after you click on the sale tab, the first page which comes up has a nanette lepore bustier corset top in the bottom lefthand corner.

you owe me your first born.

ps ok you don't have to give me your offspring but if you buy it, you do need to come back and tell me after you receive it. at least then i'll sleep at night knowing that someone rescued the baby bird.