Monday, September 14, 2009

The Investment Suit

Well, I'm a real live lawyer now. Ok, I've been a real live lawyer for a while now, but have recently started earning... an income. Gasp.

Obviously, there are some changes to be made around here, and I don't just mean the introduction of capital letters into my writing. It's also time to shift my girlish love of blue jeans to something more mature. More grownup. More professional. More expensive.

So it's a logical conclusion. It's time for the investment suit. S. Investment suits.

Now, as I've mentioned in the past-- I am actually a girl trapped in a giraffe's body. And while this was helpful when my job was basically that of a human hanger, now it's an advantage to be used carefully. I don't want to wind up looking like a she-man. This is all made more complicated by the fact that in addition to being unreasonably tall, I'm also built like a linebacker. Ok, that's an exaggeration. What I mean is-- I have broad shoulders and long arms and I do not need shoulder pads. And while we're all reluctant to admit that this 1980s tragedy lives on in most of our wardrobes-- it does. In fact, according to my tailor, no blazer is complete without a least a little somethin'-somethin' stabilizing the shoulder seam.

So, my goal is as follows: find reasonably classic (ie avoid the 'district attorney barbie look'), wearable suits that maintain an air of femininity. Class. Style.

Here are a few of the contenders:


Beautious, right? Um, yes. But also maybe a little domiatrix and while that's fun after 5, or perhaps on Boston Legal, I wish to create an air of professionalism. And, as is illustrated below:This suit has the potential to go from dominatrix to mental hospital orderly. Avant-garde, yes. But perhaps a little too over the top.


Yes, it looks like a 3-piece, but the middle lapel is actually sewn to the jacket. I LOVE this suit, perhaps the very most, but am concerned that the narrowness of the leg won't be flattering. That is, I'm worried it's the equivalent to the skinny jean. Shudder.

Ralph Lauren:

Luca Luca:

Douglas Hannant:


Anonymous said...

and destined to become an soul-less, sucubus, jerk like all attorneys all the while convincing yourself that you are somehow superior and entitled to treat other people like crap.

It's amazing how all you liberals become attorneys the very antithesis of what you are supposed to believe in.

Loanna Beek said...

Haha, I'm afraid you've misplaced some anger here, friend. My cases are typically uncontested, nonadversarial actions that assure safe and stable homes for children. And last time I checked, children's welfare policies garner bipartisan support. Seems that "you conservatives" and "us liberals" can, indeed, agree on some things in life.