Monday, January 8, 2007

Grey Ant: I Wear Mom Butt Jeans And You Can Kiss My Ass

so sometimes i like to stray a bit from the world of my favorite words (let's say it together now. c'mon. you can do it. "timeless, classic, versatile." go on. say it. good. nice job).

i do so only when i find a piece so outrageously flattering and cool that it justifies its weirdness. such is the case with grey ant, which are so fucking awesome that they warrant my use of the word "fucking."

i saw them for the first time on they're difficult to miss as they have a 13, yes, 13 inch rise. they practically reach my nipples. ok that's not true. however, they do reach my belly button and they are in every sense of the expression-- mom butt jeans.

but here's the thing: somewhere in the grand scheme of skinny jeans, overpriced terry cloth, and the heinous heeled rubber flip flops from sigerson morrison, we lost the truly important aspect of fashion-- to look good. and let me tell you, when dark navy fabric corsets my waist, narrows my mammoth ass, and gives me a slender silhouette for 38 inches of inseam, i am comfortable breaking out the mom butts.

more importantly, find me one girl who has the, um, balls, to sport a high waisted jean. you can't. the only one so far is scarlet johanssen and yes i'll post a picture when i find them. now you. grab your, um, balls and go try them on. go on. do it.

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