Sunday, May 20, 2007

Go And Buy These Jeans. Now.

as many of you know, i am the world's foremost authority on great jeans. as you may not know, i do not actually own all of the jeans that i want. like the peasants of the world, i, too, lust over great jeans which i cannot afford. true, i also own 42 pairs of designer jeans i cannot afford-- but that's all the more reason not to buy ensuing pairs of jeans i cannot afford.

enough talk. remember how i was the first to proclaim to the world that high-waisted, wide leg jeans are the best, most flattering, coolest jeans ever? yes of course you do. well, as i predicted, the masses are catching on. before long, even express will be carrying them. [shudder].

thus, it's up to you to be the first to sport them. now i have carefully compiled a list of jeans you must go and buy. now. here they are:

let's start with something a little more bland. even the sheep can love these:
these are anlo jeans, i got this picture from (which is an amazing online boutique, by the way, you should check it out). the rise on these jeans is only 10", so they're a little more mainstream, but exceptionally flattering nonetheless. next,

yes, for those of you who knew and loved her-- katayone adeli is back after a 5 year hiatus. i've loved her since i bought a pair of skinny jeans at a barney's outlet (yes, i own a pair of skinny jeans, but they're not heinous like the ones on the market today). my only issue with adeli was that her inseams used to be relatively short (about 33"). but these jeans have a 35" inseam. again, got the picture from shopbop. my understanding is that barney's also carries katayone adeli. her new line is called k.a.7.

alright, now it's time for the greatest jeans i've ever seen. you are not advised to buy these jeans because if you do, i will paste your picture on my blog and accuse you of copying me. here they are:
oh my god, i think i just had an orgasm. tell me those aren't the greatest jeans known to man. i will have them. must. have. these. jeans.

ok that's all for today.