Wednesday, September 12, 2007


i've been meaning to write this forever. i don't fancy myself knowledgeable in many areas, but i have lived in four major cities, been at the top and the bottom of the price chain, and am generally a picky, demanding, and extremely selective consumer. when it comes to my hair, my legs, and... oh fuck when it comes to just about anything pertaining to my appearance-- i settle for nothing but the best. and i do it on a budget.

so before i start, i would like to establish a couple of things.

1. i am too lazy and disorganized to get any sort of promotion or funding for this blog. thus, unlike allure magazine, or sephora, none of this info is influenced in any way by anything other than a girl's experience and opinion.

2. i hereby challenge other bloggers to publish their own 'lists.' as we all know, the greatest of cosmetic, skin care, and fashion advice is gained by word of mouth. so c'mon bloggers. join the fun.

3. this list is incomplete. again, unlike sephora or allure, i don't have promotional funding. plus, it's all opinion. so if i don't have a product i love in any given category, well, that category is blank. appreciate my candor.

4. let's be friends. no, seriously. even if you're not a blogger, and instead just a consumeraire, i would very much like to see your list, or even just a few of your favorites. and i'm happy to blog it for you as well. drop me a note @ loannabeek (at) gmail (dot) com

today i am starting with hair. clothing should be up in the next few days.
let me start by saying that my hair is my signature. for as long as i can remember, i have been tall, broad-shouldered, assertive, slightly outspoken, and, as my seriously evil ex-boyfriend once told me-- mannish. Prick. can someone else agree with me that he was The Greatest Dick Ever? yes, well anyway. plus i have muscular arms which would be cute and sexy if i were angelina jolie but on me they just look, well, more mannish. ANYWAY, i compensate for this manliness by employing a number of traits which are just about as Stereotypically Feminine as it gets. like my hair.

these two have been a pair for as long as minnea has been a polis. they started at 1649 or whatever that snooty salon was called on lake street. they floundered from there to here to there again, and as of right now, they are at the Wave salon on hennepin and 35th. now i've seen a lot of stylists in my day, including some which were Kind Of A Big Deal. when i was with elite, i worked with john barnes, ginger kahn, and other Big Names Which Impress People. however, the best of the best hands down-- are JoJo and Steven. go find them. It's worth the money. i promise.

i spend on average about $50/month on shampoo, conditioner, etc etc. yes i know. children starving in africa. but please understand. it's my hair. it's my HAIR. so anyway, any blonde can appreciate that the best conditioner ever is not washing for a week. yes again. i know. gross. but it works. and this furterer stuff may actually be the greatest invention of all time. my sister, who has longer, thicker, more color treated hair, and is lucky enough to have me sending her products from time to time, also endorses this product. she did mention that the primary ingredients (butane, propane, isobutane, lots of other 'anes' which sound dangerous) could be cause for concern if the user likes to spray her hair in small spaces, or around the presence of small children. but what the hell. no product is perfect. this one is close.

again with the friend long hair issues. most girls have some sort of "anti-frizz" or "gloss," or "flattening serum," etc etc. this girl is humble enough to refer to all of them as grease, cause we all know that's what they are. chi silk infusion is the greatest grease ever. plus it smells awesome. go and get it. it rocks.

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Ran across your page looking for fellow miserable law students.

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