Monday, March 3, 2008


ohhhh hudson. i'm so disappointed in you. if i wanted an overly distressed waistband reminiscent of that heinous abercrombie and fitch 'destroyed' look, then i go to, well, abercrombie and fitch [shudder]. if i wanted a rise low enough to expose the top of my pubic bone, i'd buy some true religion. and if i wanted cheesy pocket details and generally adolescent-style denim decor, i'd go to DEB. yes, you know what DEB is. it's that traj store in every generic suburban american mall ever-- you know, the one with big electric pink lettered sign and racks of jessica-simpson-inspired rayon.

in fact, these jeans look just like the ones i saw on some tragic DEB-clad teenager last week. but for the length, they would be exactly the same.

now i know i'm not being entirely fair, the fabric is perfect-- durable enough to withstand both time and wear. the shape would be nice and generally flattering to all body types-- if the rise didn't allow my butt crack to peek out every time i think about sitting down. the color is a kind, classic, warm denim which is versatile.

but the details, hudson. the details. they're tragic. traj. tragic and traj. the belt loops, the pockets, the strategically placed 'distressing.' here's the thing about denim, hudson, the whole *point* is that the wearer does the distressing. not the designer. the wearer.

i'm going to bitch about this more later. in the meantime:

hudson supermodel jean: perfect gift for your teenage niece.


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