Friday, June 6, 2008

Cotton v. Lycra: Denim Fabric Guide

Jeans Guide:

(this is a draft, I'll add more soon)

1. Cotton is more durable, and will last longer. In my brief obsessional stint with Rock and Republic, I came to the conclusion that I will not pay $250 for a pair of jeans which fits beautifully for 4 months and then falls apart. Jeans containing polyurethane (even in small amounts) WILL fall apart eventually. I will pay up to $600 for a pair of jeans, I believe if anything, jeans are worth paying for because they are worn 4X as often as other garments in my closet. But not if they have poly.
2. Lycra is a different story. My favorite pair of jeans ever have lycra in them and so far their shelf life is about 13 months. However, lycra shortens jeans life too, not as much as poly, but still. Keep this in mind when shopping for denim.
3. The break-in period with 100% cotton jeans is significant. It takes me about 2 weeks before I feel like they're 'mine.' However, once they are 'mine,' they fit better and more comfortably than any blend containing lycra or poly.

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