Thursday, April 26, 2007

Runway Report: I Was 100% Right. I Rock

well, well, well. i was right. allow me to explain. above, please see the chloe high waisted jean. just one of many mom butt pant styles shown on the runway in the last 2 years. yes, while the rest of you were yanking at your belt loops to keep your ass from spilling out on to your chair, i was hiking mine up to my nipples.

if you happen to catch my post "i wear mom butt jeans and you can kiss my ass," then you know how i feel about the high waist. i don't care what you say-- it's flattering. it's feminine. finally, it's just a teensy bit weird, which as far as i'm concerned, makes it cool.
let's start here, shall we?

yes, the original charlie's angels-- perhaps some of the sexiest power women in history. and look at those waist lines!

now as i mentioned, i wear mom butt jeans and you can kiss my ass. grey krakjcki introduced a pair of lovely mom butt-ers a couple of years ago and while it took me a season or two to catch on, i did discover them (like every other great jean) like, two years before you did. and now, surprise, surprise, the high waist is all over the runways like celebrities on horse tranquilizers.

here's another pair i've been obsessed with for some time. i WILL own these jeans, even if it means i don't eat tomorrow. oh, who are we kidding... it's not like 'm gonna eat tomorrow anyway.

so there you have it. if you're already convinced and seeking a reasonably priced option, other premium denim designers are beginning to catch on. this is gold sign's version:

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