Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Skinny Jeans: Please. Make It Stop

ok now i don't want to be nasty, but can we please all agree that the reappearance of skinny jeans are perhaps the most tragic event of 2006? please? PLEASE.

for your own good, i would like to discuss the basics of flattering clothing. let's start with your hips.

hips: womanly, sexy, curvy, and rah rah. sexy.
hips accentuated by too-tight denim with a low rise revealing your ass crack: not sexy.
legs: sexy
legs poured into black faded denim which is so tapered that you lose feeling in your ankles after 15 minutes: not sexy.
hourglass silhouette: sexy
triangle silhouette (yes, darling, your hips are the base): not sexy.

ok, ok, if that doesn't do it for you, let's use some photos:

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

It's not like we want to wear them - Nordstrom's doesn't sell anything else.