Thursday, May 17, 2007

20 People Have Viewed My Blog!

20 people have viewed my blog!

now i don't want to get arrogant or rub it in, here, but i think you should know that 20 people have viewed my blog! not only that, but i have a new and improved column which includes but is not limited to a poll, links to other blogs, a counter dealy!

now i think we can all agree that it's a good thing the counter dealy excludes neither visits by myself nor my mother, because my count would then be substantially lower. but that's beside the point. the whopping 4 people who are not me or my mom who have visited this blog should now humor me by voting (psst! the poll is over there! >>>>>>>>) and visiting my hot boyfriend's blog (which is never updated and still proclaims him as a "bachelor") and my hot boyfriend's best friend's blog which includes pictures of my best friend. because, yes, my hot boyfriend's best friend is dating my best friend. [pause while you contemplate the overwhelming cuteness of this phenomenon]

in addition to the pictures of my best friend, my hot boyfriend's best friend's blog is actually pretty fucking cool. in fact, i used to visit it frequently so that i could steal all of his music selections and later play them off as my own so that my boyfriend believed me to be cool. i know, it's terrible to lie. but somehow my discussions of high waisted jeans failed to interest him in the early months. i can't imagine why.


Matthew Dessem said...

This post is horribly out of date. 21 people have now viewed your blog.

lzi said...

Actually, that was just me viewing your blog 20 times. Sorry.