Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reasons Why My My Friend KP Rocks The Casbah

My friend, KP, is the narrator of this story (sent via email). It is testament to how god damned funny, cool, smart, and beautiful my friends are. KP rocks the casbah:

So i had jury duty today. I brought along some depositions to read and mark up. Some guy came and sat next to me. i'd say upper 20's.

After a while he asked: Are you a court reporter?
me: no [and went back to working]
5 min later, him: oh, are you an attorney?
me: yeah
him: i was wondering who besides me would be reading a deposition…what kind of law do you practice?
me: labor and employment
him: i do med mal.
[back to silence and me working, but now bothered. one minute later.]
me: so you are an attorney?
him: yes
me: and your first impression of my reading a deposition is that i'm a court reporter. even though you are an attorney? is it because i'm a woman?
him: no, uhh, i just didnt expect there to be a lot of attorneys here. i apologize.
me: oh don't worry, i'm used to it. men presume i must be a paralegal
or court reporter. it's the nature of the men in our profession.
him: i'm sorry [awkward]

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