Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Judi Rosen: Black Balled

as some of you may remember, I posted some jeans recommendations last month in my post entitled Go and Buy These Jeans. Now.

my final "recommendation" was actually a warning not buy a pair of jeans I have been coveting for some time now-- the elephant bell by Judi Rosen.

well i changed my mind. have at it. i just found the jeans online (finally) and was horrified to realize that they come in sizes small-medium-large. ok maybe there's an extra small or extra large but this does not lessen the blow of the realization that Judi Rosen has abandoned us as women. i'm sorry but seriously. what the hell is she thinking?! denim is probably one of the most challenging pursuits in the history of women's shopping. there are all sorts of rules (don't go shopping when premenstrual, in a bad mood, etc). think of the catch phrases (blue jean baby, forever in blue jeans, nothing comes between me and my calvins, etc). or denim's role in weight gain or loss ('if my jeans are tight...'). or what about that episode when miranda finally loses the baby weight and realizes that she fits back into her 'skinny jeans?'

let's face it, denim is not only important, it's a RATHER delicate situation for many women. so don't we deserve, at the very least, sizes 2-14?! these days, sizes are popping up everywhere from 00 to 22. and why? because we're all different! we can't be classified into 7 sizes any more. we're unique. and we know that! JUDI ROSEN, ARE YOU HEARING US ROAR?!

but it's not just that. i guess i'm just becoming increasingly fed up with designers who charge an arm and a leg (oh god, now i sounds like my mother) for a good which is not superior. to be frank:if you're going to charge $350 for (some albeit incredible) jeans, don't you OWE IT TO US TO MAKE MORE THAN 3 SIZES?!

so anyway, i call bullshit. judi rosen is no longer cool and in my book and you know how i like to hold a grudge...

judi rosen: black balled.

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