Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dear Illinois Bar Association: Please for the love of Christ let me pass

Well it's that time again. My sources tell me I've about 16 days (16 days, 15 hours, 57 minutes) until the Illinois Bar Association will quietly post the bar results on their website. I shouldn't be telling you this. It's a secret. I'm not sure why it's a secret, perhaps because if too many people click on the link at a certain time (date, hour, minute), then the site will crash and we'll all fail.

Superstition is a dangerous thing. I wore yellow plastic beads for 94 hours straight-- I would know.

Anyway, as I was rambling: last night I had the reoccurring my-god-i-can't-sleep-what-if-i-fail episode. I write 'episode' because it wasn't a dream, but not quite consciousness either. Somewhere in between, I guess, where my subconscious is arguing with my emotional health. Who the fuck cares what it was-- it sucked. And it was weirdly familiar. The last 3 weeks of the month of July were riddled with these episodes, and so now I am left to wonder if they'll continue until Ibaby drops the bomb.

I have my excuses... and they're pretty good. My entire family (I'm Catholic, there's a lot of us) invaded my study site in the first week of July while my mother underwent spinal fusion surgery. Yeah, that was pretty distracting. Oh-- and at 2 weeks prior my study partner became a paranoid manic who moved in and out with me twice before accusing me of sleeping with her exboyfriend-- not to mention the countless hours of property MBE question practice I lost while playing psycho-therapist.

And... well I'm sure I have another excuse. I'll think of it and get back to you. Right now, however, I'm going to hope that I won't need to cite any further excuses because I'll have passed.

Please for the love of Christ let me pass...

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