Monday, September 15, 2008

THE link.

so i did some web surfing, and it appears that in past years, the bar results were posted at this link (click on the box that reads 'your fate')

from what i can tell, it's a soooooooooper secret mystery exactly when and where the link gets posted. the site i found implies that the results are always posted at this link:

that link is:, although i've seen it varied at:

i make no guarantees.

prior release dates are linked to their respective sources:

July 2004: October 1
February 2006: April 1
July 2006: October 1 (personal source)
February 2007: April 5
July 2007: October 1 (as of 12:10 AM CST, they were up)
February 2008: April 5

I'll update this as I get more info...

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