Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kickee Pants AKA Kicky Pants: FAIL

How lovely. Multiple shades of blue that compliment but don't match. Comfy snaps instead of a zipper. And footed. Couldn't WAIT to get them. I ordered in the colors 'Pond' and 'Twighlight.'

FAIL! The fabric is some kind of bamboo stretchy blend that reminds me of the tragic tube dresses I wore at age 19 with a pair of boots I stole from the set of the hit film "Pretty Woman."  It's so stretchy that I unknowingly twisted it and put the garment's left leg on a twin's right leg and vice versa. I kept trying to snap it and it just seemed… wrong. It seriously took me 7-10 minutes before I realized my mistake. Thank god the other person present to watch me fumble like a complete idiot was the other twin who still seems to think I'm great.

Oh, and it and it pilled on the first wash. No way it would have persevered through even a week of crawling. Thumbs down.

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