Saturday, May 25, 2013

City Threads: Finally.

To reiterate: I seek :
1. Wearable, durable, comfortable footies
2. Sized beyond 12+ months,
3. Available in many different colors-- including at least two different shades of blue (so that my twins' clothing might compliment, but not match), and
4. Omit any tragic graphics or designs.

City Threads adorable little footies meet all of my criteria:

1. Comfortable, wearable, durable. 
We've had them for 10 weeks now, wear them tirelessly and wash them carelessly. They don't look brand new, but they don't have any holes or pilling and the zippers function perfectly.

The Carter's footies are made of some sad poly blend that becomes strangely stiff and disturbingly likely to attract hair/lint. The Kickee Pants footies that I really, really wanted to like that came in the loveliest shades of blue were unfortunately made of the same thin, stretchy material used routinely at Forever 21. City Threads are 100% cotton, which is comfortable, retains the color dye, and stands up to crawling, walking, climbing on to the dishwasher, mounting the cabinet in pursuit of Comet-- America's Number 1 Scrubbing Powder, tripping over one's brother while he lays screaming on the floor, and many other high impact twin sports.

I am seriously impressed. These garments have taken a beating and are still alive and well.

2. Sizing up to 24 months.
According to our pediatrician, my twins are in the 60-75% percentile/s for height and weight which means they're a little bigger than average. So why is it that they exclusively wear clothing sized 18-24 months?

Our nanny (who used to be a corporate buyer for children's clothing at the May Company) tells me that baby clothing is generally intended to fit an infant that is half the age (or younger) of the size listed on the garment his mother wants him to wear. Moreover, the half the age or smaller rule is typically stronger with designer clothing. This would explain why the thirty-fix dollar size 18-24 month footies I purchased from Egg Baby (Susan Lazar) fit us for about 30 seconds when we were 8 months old.

My point. City Threads meet my first criterion because it not only offers sizing up to 24 months (rare) but actually runs true to size (even rarer). City Threads footies in size 9-12 months actually fit my 10-month-old children. This. Is. Awesome.

3. Masculine Array of Appropriate Colors
So I like blue. Sorry. I do. I don't like green or gray or orange or olive or any of those others new-agey shades in which most of the Restoration Hardware model nurseries are drenched. I like blue. And since I refuse to dress the twins identically, I need at least two shades of blue. City Shades come in 5 different shades of blue-- all with tonal stripes.

4. No tragic graphics
Tonal stripes and a contrasting zipper (admittedly, don't love the contrasting color on the zipper). That's it. No giant skunks or raccoons or rodents on spaceships.

I vote yes. Well done, City Threads.

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