Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Jessica Simpson: Stop Copying Me.

ok, let's review the rules of being petite and, um, shapely.
1. show your waist. if you don't, we can't be sure you have one.

well i guess that's only one rule. but i'm sure there are tons of others with which i am unfamiliar because i am nine feet tall.

regardless, i'm pissed off because i've wanted this dress FOREVER and that little twit not only stole my idea, but went out in PUBLIC to show everyone, who then also fell in love with my dress, and now the masses have caught on and are out there, seeking MY dress.

and ps what is jessica doing in designer fashion, anyway. should she be traipsing the streets in pink terry cloth or wooden platform slides from a little place i like to call 1997? chloe would be horrified if she knew her work had been defamed in this way.

anyway, if you're wondering what the dress is *supposed* to look like, here:

[pause to briefly appreciate the dress in its unadultered form]

ok, that's all. if you see jessica, tell her to stop copying me. bitch.


Anonymous said...

That was just too funny. I recently found you on eBay & you have acquired a new fan! *TBC...*

Tim Sabin said...

Loana, you are a riot! I came across your blog via eBay. My opinion: you're wasting your time and money going to Law school. Unless you want to become a lawyer, then Senator, then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, so you make whatever changes your little Flaming Liberal Feminist heart desires.

Become a Stand-Up. You could go far.

If you want to get in touch, timsblog (at) timsabin (dot) com.

Anonymous said...

Same here!

- Carlos