Monday, January 8, 2007

The Original Jeans Bible, Book of Genesis

so i’m starting with the jeans bible, which has been evolving for about 4 years now, ever since i decided to infect my friends with my designer jeans addiction by sending regular updates and reviews via email. the bible begins with this post and will vomit onto many of the succeeding posts, differentiated by designer/brand and/or classification of rambling. appreciate if you will the fact that i’ve placed each brand/designer in a different heading/post so as to justify the fact that i can write more on designer denim than i can on international criminal law… which is what i’m supposed to be doing right now.

i feel credited to speak with authority on jeans to write the bible (as though i were a jeans moses), because i collect them. i adopted the 'collector' label because i have a truly higher appreciation for the art of the blue jean. ok, that’s not completely factual. yes, i own 42 pairs of designer jeans. however, i can sleep at night thinking i have an appreciation for wearable art, rather than admitting the truth, which is that i am the epitome of a jeans whore.

i have other justifications. for one, my addiction is at the very least logical... sort of. my reasoning is-- if i'm going to spend money on something, why not jeans? jeans are comfortable wearable classic and understated. they get more use than 95% of the rest of my wardrobe. in the grand scheme of things, better to spend money on something i'll wear (and wear and wear) than on a shirt that goes out of style next season.
finally, and most importantly, i am superficial enough to believe that a great pair of flattering jeans can actually be the fashion equivalent to prozac. there is nothing more beautifully graceful and stylish than a white tee-shirt, driving loafers, and pucci scarf belt woven through thick belt loops of your best denim. you know it's true. and if you don't, you just haven't found your *pair* yet.

ok, so click on. please note that i add to the jeans bible regularly and would love comments, suggestions, and other reviews. whatever you do, please don't remind me that i am a conspicuous consumer and that there are children dying in africa. i know.

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Anonymous said...

just read your first post...simply because i thought i'd get a better understanding to what your blog was about. And although, i personally just CAN’T afford to spend as much as i would use to on doesn’t mean i have lost the interest of designer brands.

“if i'm going to spend money on something, why not jeans?... better to spend money on something i'll wear (and wear and wear) than on a shirt that goes out of style next season.” Yep, that sounds logical...and it’s a shame that even while knowing this- i’m still a sucker for dresses. Reform me, if you can, into a “practicle” jeans lover – for my own benefit.

I think i’m going to enjoy reading your blog. :)