Monday, January 8, 2007

Rock & Republic: I Cry For You Argentina

rock & republic: r&r goes first because they illustrate the cardinal rules of denim. my experience is limited to the roth style, which, like all great denim, i discovered and purchased, like, 2 years before you did.

to explain, i'll number:

1. UNIQUITY: let’s face it, uniquity is not a word. however, you know what i mean. you also know that coolness is dependent somewhat on uniqueness, which is apparently a word but not as fun to write as “uniquity.” my point is: every girl has a moment during which she lashes out and faces the completely inverse principles of those she learned in the 7th grade. if everyone else is doing it, it’s just not as cool. such is my problem with rock & republic. even two years before you had them, i was reluctant to buy rock & republic because they're available at bloomingdales-- which automatically made me suspicious that the masses would catch on and eventually steal my favorite jean. cost, brand/designer, and style aside-- your favorite jean simply loses clout when your roommate turns up with the same pair.

2. DURABILITY rock & republic fabric content is usually 98% cotton and 2% lycra. i can appreciate the fit with lycra. more flattering, jeans with lycra don't require a break-in period & can accommodate for even the most heinous pre-menstrual syndrome. however, the cotton/lycra blend cannot & will not last forever. your favorite jeans should have assured themselves a space in your closet from now till the end of time. even if they become dormant for a couple of years-- a truly great jean should be durable enough to last through the fads so that when they come back in style (and your favorite jeans always, always will), they're still in tact.

my rock & republic roths will forever live in infamy because not long after i had my first r&r orgasm, my roths fells apart. i marched them back to bloomingdales where i exchanged them for a pair that fell apart about a month later. it was tragic i tell you. cryable. i cry for you argentina.

3. VERSATILITY. here’s the thing: i am the first girl in line to fork over half month’s rent and/or my soul for a great pair of jeans. however, i do so with the deep inner conviction that i am making a wardrobe investment, which cannot happen unless the jeans are relatively classic and understated. rock & republic, in all of their victoria beckham glory, cannot seem to kick the whisker phase. let me tell you something: “whiskers” are the new shoulder pads. this little fadish detail was cute for five minutes. however, great jeans are not cute for five minutes. and any unusual detail should be one which may at some point become a classic detail (like, for example, marc jacobs large round buttons. slightly trendy, yes, but they were made popular by twiggy in the early 60s. now they're back. whiskers? no, dude, that will never come back.)

4. HOTNESS: i will now assert that my rock & republic roths were hands down the most flattering jeans i've ever worn. listen to me. are you listening? rock & republic are the most flattering jeans ever in the history of the world. of all the jeans maxims, fit is the most important so hear me now: even though they’re flimsy pieces of shit, i would buy them again and again if i could find that same roth style. but i cannot.

ok, i’m done. i swear to god the other jean bible books are not nearly this long. i just needed you to understand the tragedy of rock and republic which plagues my soul. oh wait, i almost forgot—the information you may actually use:

r&r is very nice for the super tall (inseam is usually between 34-36), but i have a friend who's 5'7 and they look f-ing unbelievable on her, too. the nice thing about these is that the rise is not ridiculously low so one's ass does not hang out when sitting, etc. i’m not sure words can describe how awesome these jeans look and feel, so go out and try some on. but not after you read my fidelity denim post—cause if you like r&r, you should come ride the fidelity train. gia.

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